Gamcel puts its customers first!

Gamcel puts its customers first!

Gamcel is in crisis mode, but instead of panicking, its management took a decisive decision to keep its customers happy.

The Gambia’s state-owned cellular company’s billing system went down and customers were unable to buy air time or data. It also means customers could not make or receive calls.

But here is what other telecom companies not just in Gambia can learn from the decision that Gamcel’s management took.

They did a system bypass allowing their customers free Gamcel to Gamcel calls and free access to internet services.

Now that is what is called customer service. If I do not have a Gamcel sim card, it is a good enough reason for me to get one moving forward.

Of course, Gamcel stands to lose millions not knowing how long this would last but they have put their customers before the revenue, making their satisfaction the absolute priority.

Is it good enough? The truth is, this is more than good enough a compensation. Some may call it a retention strategy but what Gamcel did not do, is to give excuses. Instead, it took care of its customers and kept them happy.

Gamcel is facing sabotage after the Gambia’s new government ended the contract of a foreign company brought in by the ex-regime to manage its parent company’s international gateway.

MGI’s management of the gateway hiked international calling rates and the ex-regime milked millions, which were mostly mismanaged by the ex-president.

The company was also managing Gamcel’s billing system, which it has suddenly shut down in protest of the Gambia’s new government’s decision to protect consumers.

Gamcel is standing the test of time and refusing saboteurs from frustrating its customers. Gamcel should be praised for the position it has taken and its decision to put customers first!

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