Pape Diop: Macky Sall is incompetent

Pape Diop: Macky Sall is incompetent

A Senegalese opposition leader, Pape Diop is accusing President Macky Sall of disrespecting the people of Senegal following the opposition’s rejection of parliamentary poll results.

Diop, the leader of Bokk Gis Gis took swipes at Sall calling him incompetent and for claiming victory in the polls ahead of official announcements of the results.

Sall went on his annual vacation before the results were announced, a decision that the opposition is now criticizing him for.

“Macky Sall did not even wait for the proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Council and he went on vacation,” Diop argued.

“This proves that he has no respect for the people. He could at least wait for the Constitutional Council to give the official results and then go to where he wants.”

Senegalese opposition has threatened to boycott future elections amid allegations of vote rigging and electoral malpractices in the last month’s legislative elections.

The opposition said the elections, which gave President Macky Sall’s coalition a needed a majority were a farce. Sall’s coalition took 125 seats in the 165-seat National Assembly after winning nearly half the vote.

The opposition has rejected the election results and says it will not allow any sham elections to be conducted by Sall’s regime to make it look legitimate.

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