Gambian migrant stabbed during robbery in Italy

Gambian migrant stabbed during robbery in Italy

A Gambian migrant has been stabbed outside a train station during a robbery in the Italian city of Porta Capuana, newspapers in the European nation reported.

The unnamed Gambia, 24, was stabbed multiple times in his upper arms by a gang of robbers while standing outside the station.

He was surrounded by a group of Italian boys and his wallet with a cell phone was taken from him as he lay helpless on the sidewalk.

First responders arrived at the scene where he was given first aid before being taken to a nearby medical facility. Police are investigating the incident and hoping to arrest the suspects.

Thousands of Gambian migrants live in southern Italy, where many end up stranded after they enter Europe for better opportunities.

Southern Italy is an economic macro-region of Italy traditionally encompassing the territories of Sicily, where fracases between local gangs and migrants have been frequent.

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