GDC’s MC Cham takes swing at Barrow’s government

GDC’s MC Cham takes swing at Barrow’s government

A senior opposition figure said the Gambia, mainland Africa’s smallest country, which emerged from autocratic rule less than seven months ago is returning to dictatorship.

GDC’s MC Cham Jr.’s made the statement after the police denied his party a permit for a rally in the administrative city of Brikama, south of the capital, Banjul.

He is accusing Gambian authorities of targeting the party for remarks made by its leader, Mama Kandeh accusing Gambian ministers of corruption.

‚ÄúThis country is on the path to another dictatorship. In fact, the Gambia is a dictatorship as far as I am concerned. Nothing has changed in this country since Barrow ascended to the presidency,” Cham said.

Kandeh has been invited for questioning by the police after making the allegations against Barrow’s ministers, in what the opposition says was a glaring attempt to silence him.

Kandeh ran as a candidate in the Gambian presidential election of 2016 and received 17.1 percent of the votes, coming third in the polls that sent ex-dictator, Yahya Jammeh packing.

The GDC has, however, won five seats in April’s National Assembly elections, in which Mr. Cham lost to UDP’s Alhagie Drammeh in the Jeshwang constituency.

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