Kandeh: Police should be questioning Fatty and Jawo

Kandeh: Police should be questioning Fatty and Jawo

An opposition leader in The Gambia has taken a swipe at the police after they brought him in for questioning over allegations he made against the Barrow administration.

GDC leader Mama Kandeh said the police should have invited two state ministers for making false statements and not him, insisting that his corruption allegations are true.

Kandeh calls his questioning unfair and his supporters say authorities are seeking to intimidate and silence him. The police have denied they are targeting him the opposition figurehead.

“It was unfair of them [the police] to invite him [Kandeh] for questioning when they had not invited the Interior minister and the Information minister on the false statements they made with regard to the Kanilai protest and the death of a protester, Haruna Jatta,” said his spokesperson, Momodou Jallow.

Information Minister Demba Jallow had said rubber bullets might have been used to quell a protest in Kanilai and Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty asserted that protesters were armed.

Gambian authorities are continuing to probe Jatta’s death and at least two dozen people have been arrested for taking part in the protest that became the climax of the unrest in Foni.

Kandeh’s party has accused the police of denying them a permit to hold a rally in Brikama, a flashpoint for possible political skirmishes.

The police said Monday they had received an intelligence report and needed additional resources to ensure security during the rally, delaying the approval of the permit.

Kandeh came third in last year’s election that ousted longtime ruler, Yahya Jammeh. He won 17 percent of the votes in the presidential elections and his party won five seats in April’s legislative polls.

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