Me Omar Youm: I fear for Senegal

Me Omar Youm: I fear for Senegal

A senior aide to Senegal’s President Macky Sall has deplored the use of profanity towards the West African nation’s leader, calling it insensitive.

Me Omar Youm said he fears that the often use of profanity and disrespect in political discourse in the country known for its political stability and tolerance may cause tensions to flare.

“I feel that there is a real rise in indiscipline, unconsciousness, and irresponsibility, and I am very worried about Senegalese and our peace,” he said.

“It is becoming a favorite exercise to insult authorities. No one is respected anymore. This is not the beauty of our society. Power was respected, and so was family too.”

Youm, who is President Sall’s Director of Cabinet Affairs said the Senegalese leader has tolerance and is not troubled by profanity being used towards him.

A Senegalese musician, Amie Colle Dieng has been denied bail by a court in the capital, Dakar for calling Mr. Sall names in an audio that went viral on social media.

There are calls for her release and many outside Senegal are expressing shock at such a crackdown by authorities in the French speaking nation.

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