Police: Delaying GDC rally permit not politically motivated

Police: Delaying GDC rally permit not politically motivated

Gambia’s police have said on Monday that the delay in issuing a permit to a major opposition party, GDC to hold a rally was not politically motivated.

The police denied that it has resorted to a tactic used by the ex-regime to stifle dissent and deny opposition groups the right to assemble.

“The police shall never execute its functions on political lines. We are the police and we belong to no political party,” said the police spokesperson, Foday Conta.

The police said they are investigating an intelligence report they received, which resulted in the delay in issuing the permit to the GDC.

Gambian authorities have denied that it refused GDC a permit to hold its Brikama rally in a reprisal for Kandeh’s allegations of corruption against ministers.

“The police are working on something and perhaps tomorrow, we will give you details about the issue of the permit that the GDC Party applied for. But I just want to make it clear that it was not politically motivated or whatsoever,” Conta said.

Kandeh’s corruption allegation flared tensions between the opposition and government supporters who demanded he provides evidence.

The police have questioned Kandeh over the allegations in what his supporters criticized as an attempt by the authorities to intimidate and silence the emerging opposition figure.

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