What didn’t Jammeh do or sell?

What didn’t Jammeh do or sell?

Gambians are starting to find out the kind of many businesses their ex-President Yahya Jammeh was involved in. From selling bread to carpentry, Jammeh seems to be in every business.

Beyond greedy is an understatement although we are just scratching the surface to see the extent of Jammeh’s reach into businesses and state funds.

A Commission of Inquiry into his assets and financial transactions found on Wednesday that Mr. Jammeh also owned an event planning and management, and a carpentry and construction company.

Jammeh sold rice, cooking oil, uniforms, bread, goats, cows, fake hair for women; Jammeh sold even baby diapers, Jammeh rented out cars, Jammeh even sold used clothes (fokajai deh) while withdrawing millions from state accounts and diverting funds.

Jammeh the baker, Jammeh the fashionista, Jammeh the Dejay, Jammeh the event planner, Jammeh the ca-peng-peng-a-peng-peng-y (carpenter).

He was even a witch-doctor, claiming to cure AIDS, infertility, diabetes, asthma, sickle cell and arrested “witches and wizards” to eliminate competition for allegedly eating his aunt.

Be sure he believes he is a sorcerer. He must not have attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. No way he went to the same school with Harry Potter but don’t be surprise if he makes the claim. He went to Kanilai Special School of Ritualism and Idol Worship. Jammeh sure is special in his own rights.

But really, what didn’t Jammeh do or sell in his 22-year rule? Jammeh utterly abused his power with impunity and became commander of all things and chief of none.

If Jammeh really had his way, he would have sold every soul in Gambia, sell the country and in the process sell himself. That is how discontent and greedy he was.

And yes, in my Yahya Jammeh voice: Billai wallai talai, I repeat for the purpose of clarity, billai wallai talai, Yahya Dakalaba Bukeh Mansa hadumeh tah bakeh leh y.

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