Accountant General: I am not aware of tax accounts

Accountant General: I am not aware of tax accounts

Gambia’s Accountant General Momodou Lamin Bah said he is not aware of the many accounts that ex-President Yahya Jammeh setup, including a tax recovery account with two banks.

Bah, who had been the accountant general since 2014 said he should be notified of any accounts being opened by the government but it appears there have been accounts that he was notified about.

The tax recovery accounts were not indicated in any government financial records. They were strictly operated off the books.

“I have not been aware of these accounts,” Accountant General Bah said to commissioners investigating Jammeh’s assets and financial activities.

“They were not part of the financial statements of the Government of The Gambia. By law, no government account should be open without the knowledge of the Accountant General.”

It has been found that less than $125,000 (D5 million dalasis) has been left in one of the tax recovery accounts after $725,000 (D29 million dalasis) was withdrawn.

Jammeh had created the accounts diverting tax monies paid by individuals and companies that owed taxes to the state for use at his personal discretion.

Jammeh’s former chiefs of staff were named as signatories to the accounts, a revelation that may see them and those that received payments from the accounts subpoenaed to testify.

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