Gambia’s govt accused of crushing opposition voices

Gambia’s govt accused of crushing opposition voices

The self-styled leader of a newly formed political party has taken sides with a major opposition group accusing the government of smothering opposition dissent.

Omar Beyai, the leader of the All Peoples’ Party accused Gambian authorities of targeting the opposition and treating them unfair since coming to power.

Beyai was quoted by the local newspaper, The Point saying that the Barrow administration is dragging its feet with lowering the registration fees for political parties, which was hiked last year by Jammeh’s regime.

“The way things are going they are not favorable to any other political party that may want to register,” he said.

“There is a political game that the government is trying to play to suppress all political parties or incoming political parties that want to register.”

Barrow’s government have lobbied the Parliament to reverse some of the fee hikes affecting political parties. Ahead of the parliamentary polls, lawmakers voted to reverse the hike for legislative and presidential nominees.

The government is facing backlash after the police invited an opposition figurehead, Mama Kandeh for questioning over allegations of corruption levied against senior government officials.

Kandeh’s party reviled the rejection of a permit for a rally in Brikama by the police, accusing them of attempting to intimidate and silence the opposition leader.

Barrow promised greater freedom and an improved economy after a tense political standoff that saw Jammeh’s uncolorful departure to exile, warning of the many challenges ahead as the country emerges from decades of dictatorship.

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