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New political party hits hard at Barrow’s govt

A new political party, led by a former supporter of the ex-regime has been formed in The Gambia with high hopes to win the country’s next election.

The All Peoples’ Party, led by Omar Beyai has jump started its campaign stabbing deep into the inner workings of the Barrow administration.

Beyai criticized the country’s unity government for not rapidly addressing economic and social welfare challenges facing the mostly poor citizens, especially in rural Gambia.

“The government is trying but the pace at which they are working is very slow. Even a chameleon is faster than the way this government is moving,” he said.

Beyai, a former APRC strongman in the suburbs of Bakau decried the current state of affairs, demanding the government reprioritize its work and address unemployment issues.

There have been growing impatience with the Barrow administration shortly after taking power, forgetting that he inherited a nearly insolvent economy.

Hopes were high and many youths felt there would be an immediate upward reverse in economic challenges facing the country after the EU, World Bank and the IMF streamed more than $120 million to revive the country’s economy.

Beyai said inheriting an economy faced with shocks followed by two months of political logjam is no excuse for the stagnation and lack of job opportunities.

Beyai’s APP party is yet to be officially registered and launched. It has not announced its executive but is the latest to join the list of the growing number of political parties in a new and democratically vibrant Gambia.

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