Darboe calls on opposition parties to join UDP

UDP leader Ousainou Darboe has called on opposition parties to join his party to develop the country, saying their doors are always open to others.

Darboe, a veteran lawyer and now Foreign Secretary has campaigned in four elections against former President Yahya Jammeh unsuccessfully but saw his party strike gold in parliamentary elections after Jammeh’s defeat.

“We have the majority but each party has equal rights and we have all contributed to the democracy we have in Gambia today,” Darboe said. “So I call all the others, especially in the GDC and APRC to come join us.”

Darboe’s party won the opposition primary that saw his political Godson, Adama Barrow going on to defeat Jammeh in the elections that became the most surprising political upset in modern African history.

Barrow is expected to serve three years but Gambians may not head to the polls until in 2021, in which Darboe is likely to seek the country’s highest office.

New opposition parties are springing up and it appears, according to political observers, that the coalition that ousted Jammeh will fall apart.

The UDP has the largest stake in Barrow’s unity government and it won an absolute majority in the parliament for the first time in its 21 year existence.

Gambian opposition groups this month have been doubling down on claims of the country slipping back to autocratic rule. They accuse the police of reverting to tactics used by the ex-regime to suppress opposition voices.

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