Gambia’s interior minister, Senegal’s PM talk of deepening security ties

Gambia’s interior minister, Senegal’s PM talk of deepening security ties

Gambia and Senegal are repairing relations that have been strained and marred by border disputes and security anxieties during the reign of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Gambia’s security minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty is in the Senegalese capital, Dakar seeking to strengthen security cooperation between the nation.

Fatty met with Senegal’s Prime Minister Abdoulla Boun Dione assuring the Dione of Gambia’s partnership in addressing the security challenges its neighbor faces, especially in its southern region.

Gambia is seen as a leading player in talks to end the low-level crisis in the Casamance region, where former Gambian leader, Yahya Jammeh is accused of funding separatists.

Gambia this week signed additional security cooperations with Senegal, whose soldiers make up the majority of the West African force deployed to stabilize the small country.

Gambia’s Security Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty signed the agreements with his Senegalese counterpart, Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo in Dakar.

“I have my team here including the police and immigration – and I’ve asked them to work closely with their counterparts here in Senegal,” said Fatty.

“We have a very good stand; a very good working condition; and a very good chemistry – and this is going to help our cooperation.”

Prime Minister Dione underscored that the two nations, divided by colonial masters should be seen as one. Senegal played a leading role in galvanizing support to uphold the outcome of the polls that brought Gambia’s President Adama Barrow to power.

“We are the same and we have common aspirations. We should continue to firmly support each other on issues concerning core interests including security,” Dione said.


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