Jammeh transferred CFA79.07M to Senegal a month after leaving Gambia

Jammeh transferred CFA79.07M to Senegal a month after leaving Gambia

The Commission of Inquiry into former President Yahya Jammeh’s assets and financial dealing have discovered that $142,000 (D5.7 million dalasis, CFA79.07 franc) has been transferred on the orders of the ex-leader a month after his ouster to Senegal.

Jammeh’s associates had CFA79.07 million franc wired to Senegal from one of the secret Guarantee Trust Bank accounts on February 21, while the former self-serving ruler was in Equatorial Guinea.

Bank transfers to Senegal were made the previous year amounting to $550,000 making rife suspicions that Jammeh had proxy businesses in the neighboring state.

It is surprising that $142,000 of Jammeh’s stolen money has been transferred to Senegal after he was forced to leave The Gambia.

Senegal played the leading role in galvanizing West African troops it led on a military campaign to flush Jammeh out of power following his election defeat by Adama Barrow.

Gambian authorities revoked at least 270 diplomatic passports, including that of Jammeh and his family after it appeared that his wife, Zineb Jammeh had traveled to Dakar, where he met Jammeh’s business associates.

It is second of such a transaction made by Jammeh while in his safe haven in the Central African nation of fewer than 1.5 million people, the Commission heard from GTBank Managing Director Bolaji Ayodele.

Most of Jammeh’s post-presidential withdrawals and bank transfers seemed to have been conducted on his behalf by his Lebanese business associate, Tony Ghattas.

Pro-democracy campaigners are urging Gambian authorities to further probe where the withdrawals and transfers precisely headed to and to whom they were paid to.

Some fear that the millions have been shipped to Jammeh discreetly or hidden by his trusted loyalists. Jammeh still has supporters in the government as the new rulers struggle to purge the system of his allies.

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