The coalition is not UDP government

The coalition is not UDP government

Ousainou Darboe has shunned his description as de facto president of The Gambia but never bothered to address claims of Barrow’s administration being a UDP government.

Darboe has addressed it for the first time during an interview this weekend distancing his party as being the new government and asserting that he is just the foreign secretary.

“This is not a UDP government,” Darboe said on the For The People By The People Show on Fatu Radio, adding that if it was a UDP government, some political leaders would not have been in the cabinet.

Darboe is the political godfather of The Gambia president, Adama Barrow. Barrow was backed by seven parties, including the UDP to win the elections.

All leaders of the political parties, except for the PDOIS have accepted cabinet positions to form the unity government, in which UDP has the largest stake.

Barrow campaigned for those he considered the coalition’s choice ahead of the legislative polls, giving the UDP an absolute majority in the Parliament.

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