PDOIS MP: It was a gentleman’s agreement

PDOIS MP: It was a gentleman’s agreement

A senior official of the PDOIS and a Member of Parliament says his party is not seeking to force President Adama Barrow to respect “a gentleman’s agreement” to step aside in three years.

Sawebou Touray [MP – Wulli East] said Mr. Barrow serving five years is accorded for in the Constitution and the agreement opposition leaders had to back Barrow cannot be abrogated in court.

Touray, however, said Barrow should respect the agreement, resign and not support any candidate during the next presidential polls.

“So all he needs to do is to simply take a pen to resign and thank the coalition partners and ensure that he would not support any candidate in the next election and the parties would also, in turn, thank him for his patriotism and selfless devotion to the national cause,” said Touray.

Gambia’s Foreign Minister and leader of the UDP party said the Memorandum of Understanding that brought seven opposition parties to back Mr. Barrow was never signed.

Barrow under the MOU would resign in 2019 and his vice president, who is yet to be sworn-in would have taken over the government and organize elections.

PDOIS, which is a member of the coalition government did not take any position in Barrow’s cabinet but holds four seats in the National Assembly.

(Writing by Sam Phatey; Additional Reporting from SBN and The Standard)

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