Gambia failed to notify Senegal before deporting citizens

Gambia failed to notify Senegal before deporting citizens

Gambian authorities have failed to contact the Senegal’s embassy in Banjul before deporting at least 70 of its neighbor’s citizens to Casamance.

An official of the Gambia Immigration Department says there was an oversight on their path for failing to contact Senegalese authorities before having their citizens expelled.

Several other Senegalese citizens are being held by the police and appearing before a judge on charges of theft and other petty crimes, according to the police spokesperson, Foday Conta.

Most of those deported were minors and they were unable to get the assistance from their state. It could not be confirmed if they have been handed off to their parents.

Senegal was not given the chance to ensuring fair and humane treatment for their citizens as required by diplomatic agreements between the two nations.

Foreign nationals in The Gambia have the right for their consular officials in their embassies to assist them when they run into trouble with the law.

This hiccup, however, is not expected to sour the newly repaired relations between Senegal and The Gambia. The leaders of the two countries have been working on facing their security challenges together.

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