Minors make majority of expelled Senegalese citizens from Gambia

Minors make majority of expelled Senegalese citizens from Gambia

A large of at least 70 Senegalese citizens who were deported from The Gambia to the Casamance region were minors engaged in pickpocketing and petty criminal activities, the police said.

Gambia’s police rounded up some 150 foreigners during a security crackdown on petty crimes in the capitals and some suburbs in the Kombo Metropolitan area.

According to the police, at least 80 people will be facing burglary and pickpocketing charges. Many of them they say were undocumented and had no right to be residing in The Gambia.

A spokesperson for the Gambia Immigration Department, Mamanding Dibba confirmed Tuesday that at least 57 of those extradited to Senegal were minors.

There is no confirmation if they have been reunited with their families or if they were handed over to Senegalese authorities and how.

The deportation of Senegalese came on the hills of the security ministers of the two countries signing cooperations to strengthen security ties between the two neighbors.

Gambian authorities often round up foreigners in the small West African state to ensure that they pay fees to extend their stay in the country.

Senegal played the leading role in helping the Gambia’s new government takeover from the regime of Yahya Jammeh, who had refused to step aside following his defeat in the polls.

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