Transport union calls off boycott

Transport union calls off boycott

Gambian drivers are being urged to return to work Tuesday after authorities agreed to start fresh talks with the transport union over the lowering of fares.

Gambia’s Ministry of Works and Transportation reduced fares by 15 percent sparking dissatisfaction among drivers, who went on a sit-down strike leaving commuters stranded.

Transport Union leader, Mustapha Joof said the reductions were unfavorable and accused authorities of being inconsiderate to the plights of drivers.

The police and drivers clashed on Coastal Road during a street protest by drivers, who allegedly attacked their colleagues that declined to join the boycott.

Gambia’s government is seeking to reduce the prices of goods and service. Fuel prices, they said, have been lowered since 2013 but that the former government ignored the need to lower fares.

Authorities were in talks with the transport union, whose leaders said that the government made rushed decisions when negotiations were inconclusive.

According to drivers, the lowering of fares will affect their salaries and lower their earnings, meaning they would be unable to meet minimal profit margins need for the businesses to thrive.

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