Were Foni farmers denied fertilizer?

Were Foni farmers denied fertilizer?

Minister of Agriculture Omar Jallow has shrugged off allegations that his depart denied farmers in the Gambia’s southwestern region of Foni fertilizers for this year’s farming season.

Gambian parliamentarian, Musa Amul Nyassi [APRC – Foni Kansala] alleged that government subsidized fertilizers were not supplied to the people of Foni.

Jallow said the fertilizers, which were sold at D700 were distributed across the country, including in the districts of Foni. However, he revealed that the fertilizers were inadequate and failed to meet demand.

The political logjam that disrupted the transfer of power to the Barrow government disrupted government’s readiness for the farming season, putting a dent in the country’s economy.

Foni is now an opposition strong, where the country’s exiled ruler enjoys strong backing. The opposition supporters there have accused the government of discrimination.

The government has held talks with local chiefs in the Foni and a report containing recommendations from reconciliation talks have been presented to President Adama Barrow for consideration.

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