Political smudge seeks to kill Gunjur lawsuit against Golden Lead

Political smudge seeks to kill Gunjur lawsuit against Golden Lead

Gambia’s House Majority Leader has launched a bid that seeks to kill a lawsuit against a Chinese company accused of violating environmental regulations in the southwestern Gambian town of Gunjur.

Kebba K. Barrow [Kombo South – UDP] and his political associates linked to Golden Lead Factory have launched a petition to bring a $300,000 (D15 million dalasis) law suit against the company to halt.

According to a community newspaper, @Gunjur – The Voice of Dabanani, Mr. Barrow, and his stooges, including the District Chief Adjei Janneh, and his political minion Yusupha Saho are leading efforts to slur community activists.

Mr. Barrow is reported to have received the financial support of a senior partner at Golden Lead, Gambian businessman and native of Gunjur, Alhagie Conteh, whose interest he is seeking to protect.

“KKB has been shocked by the explosion of the environmental issue involving his political benefactor Alhajie Conteh,” a source told @Gunjur – The Voice of Dabanani.

Demands by a joint task force for MP and House Majority Leader Barrow to address their environmental and health concerns went ignored.

The task force asked Mr. Barrow to get the environment and fisheries ministers with the environment agency chief to confirm whether waste and chemical discharged into the sea poses risk to human and aquatic lives.

Marine life in the area has seriously depleted according to conservationist with an entire reserve land reportedly poisoned by waste disposed of by the company into the sea.

Health experts have sounded the alarm for contracting serious complications and confirmed chemicals such as trimethylamine have been detected.

Golden Lead is suspected of giving perks to some influential members of the community to thwart the lawsuit, which would see the company dragged to court for the second time.

The company reached an out of settlement accord with the government after the National Environment Agency had them charged for pollution.

Golden Lead, according to conservationist is disposing toxic waste into the sea via pipes, resulting in the washing ashore of dead fish and other marine lives along the coastline.

Gunjurians resulted to seek redress in court after series of appeals for authorities to intervene proved to be futile. They had expressed frustration in the manner in which Golden Lead is operating.

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