Gambians mourn mob beating of alleged thief

Gambians mourn mob beating of alleged thief

Gambians are calling on authorities to swiftly identify and arrest a gang of men that stripped a suspected thief naked and tortured him before posting videos of social media.

The man was continuously pleading for mercy and denied that he had stolen anything. The amateurish video showed at least six men slapping and hitting him with sticks and pipes.

Rights activist condemned the “barbaric act” and joined thousands of citizens on social media saying “such behavior has no place in the New Gambia.”

“This is both disgusting and unacceptable. This kind of barbarism and vigilante justice has no place in a democratic society. The perpetrators of this disgustingly heinous act must be arrested and tried for the inhumane and degrading punishment of a human being,” said political activist, Pa Samba Jow.

“We are waiting for their arrest. They must face justice. You don’t break the law yourself by punishing an alleged thief. That’s assault and make you liable for prosecution,” rights campaigner, Yunus Hydara added.

Gambians are strongly condemning what they say is reminiscent of the cruelty meted out on citizens by its ex-autocratic regime, which was notorious for torture and inhumane treatment.

They voted to oust the regime last year and both opposition and government supporters expressed their sadness at the degrading treatment of the unknown man.

It is the third time this year that a mob has attacked a suspected thief. Last month, a police officer was hospitalized after a mob attack in the country’s Upper River Region.

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