Halifa Sallah: It doesn’t matter who takes glory

Halifa Sallah is sharply responding to Ousainou Darboe as the country watches to see if President Barrow not stepping down in three years will send the country into political turmoil.

Sallah, who is one the leading figureheads in the opposition coalition that defeated former President Jammeh and installed Barrow is brushing off those fears.

Mr. Darboe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs have revealed that the political parties involved in the unity talks did not sign a memorandum of understanding that would have seen Mr. Barrow serving only three years.

Halifa Sallah has said dismissed Darboe’s claims as false, arguing that the agreement that united them was signed, accusing unnamed politicians of trying to take credit for the outcome of the polls.

“For me, it doesn’t matter who takes ownership of that glory, what matters now is that history has been made and Gambia has changed forever,” Sallah said.

The opposition unity saw Jammeh being handed a shocking defeat in the elections. Jammeh was unwilling to step aside but the opposition sticking together gained them international backing.

For two decades, fractures in the opposition made it difficult for them to form a united front against Mr. Jammeh until last year after an opposition activist’s death spiked discontent towards Jammeh and saw Darboe’s jailing.

Darboe has, however, dismissed that his jailing led to the success of the talks. Fractures have re-emerged in the coalition leading to parties seeking to take control of the parliament.

The UDP won an absolute majority in April’s parliamentary elections and has the majority stake in the unity government. Barrow resigned from the party to lead the coalition government.

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