President Barrow boots out Malick Jones

President Barrow boots out Malick Jones

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has given directives ending the services of a long-serving journalist, Malick Jones as the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Information Ministry.

What led to Mr. Jones abrupt firing is unclear but he suppressed opposition views during the two-month long political logjam that sent Barrow to hide in neighboring Senegal over threats to his life.

“Mr. Malik Jones was on a contract with this ministry, and recently his contract was terminated but the termination came from the Office of the President,” Information Minister, Demba Ali Jawo said.

Jawo could not explain why Mr. Jones’ was fired but clarified that the contract terms were explicit that either the parties could have it ended at any time.

While some say Jones was targeted by the Barrow administration, an overwhelming number of people have welcomed his dismissal calling it “long overdue.”

Mr. Jones has worked in the Gambia’s state broadcasting corporation for more than three decades, becoming its Director General at some point. He also held several positions at the Information Ministry.

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