Ex-Jammeh aide wants Barrow to run for a second term

Ex-Jammeh aide wants Barrow to run for a second term

The former military aide to President Yahya Jammeh has backed calls by some far-right coalition supporters for the country’s new leader, President Adama Barrow to seek a second term.

The endorsement came amid concerns that Barrow may serve a full five-year term instead of overseeing a widely acknowledged three-year transitional rule.

Ex-Jammeh Aide de Camp, Lt. Col. Lamin Gano said the ultimate choice as to who governs should be made by the majority but not by a MoU cobbled by a handful of politicians.

“He is a devout Muslim….. and I believe that a nation will not go wrong with a God fearing leadership. So I sincerely endorse Barrow’s decision to run for another term in office and I wish him all the best of luck,” Gano said.

The leader of the country’s sudden largest political party and Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe revealed that the agreement for Mr. Barrow to serve for three years and step aside was never signed.

President Adama Barrow has declared it is up to Gambians to decide if he has to serve his full constitutional mandate, a statement that made opposition supporters to believe he may run for a second term.

“President Barrow was right. It is for Gambians to decide whether it will be three or five years as well as whether or not he can stand for re-election. He has every right to contest the next elections,” said Gano.

A senior member of the coalition government, Halifa Sallah (Serrekunda – PDOIS), who declined to accept a job in Barrow’s administration and instead opted to become a legislator refuted that the MoU was never signed.

Political figures, including Darboe, Sallah, and Agriculture Minister and PPP Leader Omar Jallow all agreed on one thing: the main purpose of the coalition was to boot out Gano’s former boss and that was achieved.

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