PDOIS will not protest prolonging of Barrow’s rule

Fractures in the Gambia’s ruling coalition party have already deepened, returning opposition groups that struggled to unite back to confrontations that made them adversaries.

Just half a year into Barrow’s rule, a debate has been ignited over his length of tenure. Fears are rife that it may lead to political turmoil in three years.

But Halifa Sallah of the PDOIS says that will not be the case. His party, according to him will not be staging protests to demand Barrow’s resignation if he chooses to extend his rule.

“I want to make it very clear that PDOIS doesn’t take this as an issue. Whatever decision President Barrow takes is left to him,” said Sallah.

“We are not planning to take to the street to protest against any decision he takes on this issue.”

At opposition talks that gave birth to the coalition, Barrow was supposed to serve three years but some of his supports are pushing for the new leader to serve his full five-year mandate.

The leader of the party with the largest stake in the unity government, UDP’s Ousainou Darboe said the agreement that got them united was never signed.

Sallah is insisting that the agreement, which spells out Barrow’s three-year term was signed by all political parties that took part in the Kairaba talks.

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