Heavy rains bring flash flood to urban Gambia

Heavy rain began pummeling urban Gambia early Saturday as the flood-prone settlements braced for what could be several hours of downpours as the monster winds sweep through neighborhoods.

The heavy rain has damaged homes, flooded streets, and stranded motorists in suburbs outside the Gambia’s capital, according to the police and fire department.

Residents in the Kanifing Municipality and the Kombo Metro area were the hardest hit by Saturday’s rain, which some say has been the heaviest they have seen in many years.

Residents in the Churchill Town neighborhood rescued a person, who was stranded in high water that flooded her home in an area that was impassable before the water receded.

A major square, Westfield was brought to near standstill by the high waters with motorists avoiding to journey through the area waiting for the water to subside.

At least a dozen homes have been partially collapsed by the rains, most of them mud houses in the Kanifing Municipality. Flood-prone Ebo Town was hit as the heavy rain battered through the neighborhood.

The Gambia is a flatland meaning it is at risk of flash floods. Strong storms this year has claimed at least two lives, damaged more than a thousand homes and left some 4,000 people displaced.


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