Critics: Jammeh aides should’ve protected their integrity

Critics: Jammeh aides should’ve protected their integrity

Critics of Jammeh’s former aides have doubled down on their accusations that the decisions by ex-aides to sign checks for millions was deliberate, renewing calls for their jailing.

The ex-leaders chiefs of staff, permanent secretaries and cabinet secretaries told a Commission looking into Jammeh’s financial transactions that Jammeh’s orders could not be questioned.

Bashers of former Jammeh workers say “they should have protected their integrity” and questioned the orders, expecting them to follow financial regulations.

Jammeh was an absolute ruler and had total control of state agencies. Those that declined his orders were dismissed or sent to jail.

Supporters of Barrow, mostly from the UDP are demanding the removal of some of Jammeh’s holdovers from the new government as shocking revelations get unearthed.

Jammeh is accused of ordering the opening of secret government accounts in several commercial banks, in which his aides were made signatories.

He ordered the withdrawal of hundreds of millions from the accounts violating financial regulations. He was ousted in January and had all his assets frozen after fleeing with at least $50 million to Equatorial Guinea.

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