Ex-Medical Director defends Gambia’s dispirited ex-despot’s AIDS cure

Ex-Medical Director defends Gambia’s dispirited ex-despot’s AIDS cure

A former aid to President Yahya Jammeh and director of his herbal clinic is continuing to back the ex-ruler’s HIV/AIDS cure claims.

Dr. Tamsir Mbowe, a Nigerian-trained gynaecologist insists that Jammeh’s treatment of AIDS and infertility works and has cured his patients.

“I am hereby everyone that Yahya Jammeh’s treatment program was true. He has the medication that has the potential to eliminate the HIV/AIDS and infertility,” Mbowe said.

Mbowe is responding to critics of the treatment, who said many have died after taking Jammeh’s concoction.

It is the first time, the medical doctor who oversaw Jammeh’s herbal treatment is speaking of it since he retired and the ouster of the former ruler.

According to Mbowe, blood samples of patients were sent to foreign labs before receiving treatment. After treatment, the CD4 cell counts were either very low or undetectable.

“When the results do come out, most of the time the viral load is either undetectable or has reduced in the blood sample in their millions,” said Mbowe.

One of Jammeh’s former AIDS patients, Fatou Jatta told Aljazeera that the banana, peanut, milk and special prayer concoction does not work. She said some of her friends have died.

He was a brutal despot and his patience sitting outside his clinic in the presidential compound said they did not need lab tests to know their health was improving.

Yahya Jammeh stepped down after briefly contesting the results of an election, which had brought to an end his 22 years in power. Now that he has left power, many are still sick and telling their stories.

Jammeh’s AIDS cure was ridiculed in the world but not before he claimed to also have a cure for asthma, infertility and sickle cell anaemia.

A handful of women has named their children after Jammeh, claiming they got fertile after receiving treatment from the dispirited leader.

“For the infertility treatment, I think everyone in The Gambia who had primary and secondary infertility after undergone Jammeh’s treatment became pregnant and delivered their babies,” according to Mbowe.

Jammeh bad first claimed to find his miracle cure in January 2007. He expelled a UN diplomat that opposed his herbal treatment program.

The claim of a cure prompted comparisons to the then South African minister of health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, who drew international ridicule last year for suggesting that a diet of garlic, beetroot, and lemon juice is more effective than anti-retroviral drugs.

Jammeh has refused to disclose details of his herbal concoction, saying only that the treatment uses seven plants – “three of which are not from Gambia.”

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