Mama Kandeh returns to Banjul after Senegal hiatus

Gambia’s opposition leader Mama Kandeh have returned to the West African nation after a two-week stay in neighboring Senegal.

Kandeh, 52, left the country after being questioned by the police on corruption allegations he levied against state officials.

He denied he was in hiding. His party was refused a permit to hold a major rally in Brikama. Police said there were security concerns.

Kandeh returned and joined workers at the Gambia’s main mosque in the capital, Banjul. He took part in cleaning, repainting and decorating the King Fahad Mosque.

Kandeh’s party has been vocal since the advent of the New Gambia. He continues to challenge the government sparking strong responses from his political adversaries.

Gambia’s Foreign Minister and leader of the UDP party, Ousainou Darboe has called Kandeh’s barrage of accusations as “irresponsible,” calling on the opposition leader to desist.

Kandeh is refusing to back down, vowing to hold the government accountable. He came third in the presidential polls and is sure to be the major challenger to the UDP, the party with the majority stake in Barrow’s unity government.

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