Gambia: 32 vehicles delivered to Jammeh untraceable

Gambia: 32 vehicles delivered to Jammeh untraceable

At least 32 vehicles supposedly delivered to Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh are untraceable after the company, which imported them said they had no record showing it was received.

The vehicles were purchased for $600,000 (D24 million dalasis) from Belgium through a company in which Jammeh’s business associates Fadi George Mazagi, and Muhammed Bassi own shares.

A Commission looking into the financial dealings of Mr. Jammeh has demanded that Mr. Mazagi produces the documents showing that the 32 vehicles were delivered to the government.

“If we do not have a document showing that these vehicles were delivered, we will conclude that they were not. You will have to show some form of documentation,” said Commissioner Bai Mass Saine.

Mazagi, Managing Director of Global Trading Grop and Managing Partner in Euro-Africa Holding said he has no such record, insisting that the vehicles were cleared from the port and delivered to Jammeh by government officials.

Neither Mr. Jammeh nor his aides, he said, acknowledge receipt of the vehicles, an issue that became the subject of a back and forth between Mazagi and Commissioner Saine.

“The vehicles were delivered as ordered. I do not have any record showing this but I assure you that they were. If they were not delivered or had a simple scratch on any of them, they would have told us,” Mazagi said.

At least two police cars were included in the shipment. Most of the vehicles were Hyundai brand and Mazagi pledge to make efforts to get some kind of document showing the vehicles were cleared at the ports.

Jammeh was an imperative leader with no regard for protocol or government regulations. He deals were often carried out in cash and excessive withdrawals were made from government accounts without question.


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