Ex-President Jawara’s son is new DG of Agriculture

Ex-President Jawara’s son is new DG of Agriculture

Ebrima Jawara, the son of former President Dawda Jawara has bee brought back into the country’s civil service as Director General of Agriculture, government sources say.

Ebrima was entangled in several legal battles, which were brought against him by the ex-regime after he fell out of favor with ousted President Yahya Jammeh.

Abuse of office charges against him were dropped in January and prosecuting him on corruption charges were disbanded by the Attorney General’s office earlier this month.

“Ebrima reported to work this month after the charges against him were dropped and he seems very excited to be back and working under the new minister,” said an official.

“I believe his troubles are over and he will grow if he works hard. This is a new dispensation and playing politics and praise singing may not work too well.”

His new boss, Minister of Agriculture Omar Jallow is the leader of Ebrima’s father’s party, the PPP. Jallow was education minister and agriculture minister in President Jawara’s government.

Mr. Ebrima is an agricultural economics graduate from the University of Reading and had held more than two dozen portfolios in Jammeh’s administration.

He had served as Jammeh’s Permanent Secretary after praising the despotic ruler’s overthrow of his father. Jammeh, a former bodyguard of Ebrima’s father ousted President Dawda Jawara in a so-called bloodless coup in 1994.

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