Gambia: Military police arrest soldier connected to failed mutiny

Gambia: Military police arrest soldier connected to failed mutiny

Gambia’s army has arrested another soldier as the investigation into an attempted revolt widens. Sources within the military confirmed the arrest of a Lance Corporal, the seventh known soldier to be detained.

LCpl Mustapha Sanneh was arrested from a camp in the southwestern region of Foni, which was the epicenter of post-electoral violence in the aftermath of ex-President Yahya Jammeh’s defeat.

Sanneh, a native of Foni is allegedly conspired with more than two dozen other soldiers loyal to Jammeh to disrupt new President Adama Barrow’s rule.

The military said they were making plans via WhatsApp and that the group’s leader had escaped arrest. He is suspected to be in hiding in a neighboring country.

Fewer than a 100 Gambian soldiers have deserted the army, according to military chief Lt. Gen. Masanneh Kinteh, but an intel brief leaked to the press said at least 300 are camping outside the Gambia.

Jammeh’s military generals that fled to Equatorial Guinea are suspected to be in contact with some of his loyalists, some of whom are senior officials in the Gambia’s army.

Jammeh was flushed out of power by West African forces, who are now in charge of President Adama Barrow’s safety and helping the new leadership stabilize the country’s security.

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