Truck crashes into mosque in Kombo East

Truck crashes into mosque in Kombo East

A truck carrying bulls and cows from a farm in provincial Gambia ran off the road and crashed into a mosque in Mandinaba village, Kombo East, the police confirmed.

None of the people in the mosque were injured but at least 17 bulls have died as concrete cement and bricks clatter on them. The mosque was damaged extensively, the second time that it has been hit by a truck, villagers say.

The truck driver is severely injured and currently at the teaching hospital in Banjul, 31 miles northwest of Mandinaba.

Eyewitnesses say the driver was not speeding and do not comprehend how the driver lost control and crashed into the mosque.

Police are investigating to ascertain the cause of the crash, which has left the many mosque goers in shock. They have expressed concerns about their safety.

Villagers became emergency animal wranglers. The trailer did not break open and many of the animals were still trapped inside.

People of climbed on top of the trailer to help some of the mooing cattle that were entrapped to escape. But the truck being stuck inside the mosque and the debris made it difficult.

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