Wait a minute: Ansumana Jammeh does not know Yahya Jammeh owns APAM

Gambia’s former Ambassador to Qatar, Ansumana Jammeh says he is clueless about the ownership of APAM, a secret mining company that raked in millions from his off the book business.

Ansumana is the brother of the former authoritarian ruler, Yahya Jammeh. Ex-President Jammeh owns APAM and the APAM head office also housed Ansumana’s Patriot Insurance Brookage.

But according to the former Ambassador, he does not know who owns APAM, even though his company was also housed in its office building.

“My company has an office in their building but I do not know who owns APAM. I am not sure if the ex-President owns it,” said Ansumana.

Ansumana admitted that President Jammeh allowed his company to operate from there and never had to pay rent for the office space his staffers occupied.

To many, the fact that President Jammeh can give instructions for Ansumana’s company to operate from the APAM office is a clear indication of who owns the secret mining firm.

Ansumana has been the Managing Director of APAM for a short while but still maintains that he does not know the owner of the company in his effort to distance himself from his brother’s activities.

Ansumana’s Patriot Insurance Brookage has ceased operating. The business according to him has been operating at a loss. He is struggling to give the banking details of his business to the Janneh Commission.

The Commission is digging up details about President Jammeh’s financial dealings. The ex-leader disregarded government financial regulations and stashed millions in commercial banks.

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