Jammeh administration paid $295K to international organizations

Jammeh administration paid $295K to international organizations

At least $295,000 (D13.57 million dalasis) have been paid by the ex-regime of President Yahya Jammeh using money hidden in secret commercial bank accounts.

According to the Managing Director of Skye Bank, Adegbulugbe Adedoyin, instructions were given by Mr. Jammeh to have $70,000 transferred to the African Union and $225,000 to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The transfer did not state what these monies were meant for but a senior government official, who worked with Jammeh said they were likely for membership dues.

“However, donations could not be ruled out but that is unlikely. If Jammeh had transferred that much for some donation, it would have been headlined on national television,” he said.

The Gambia is to host Muslim world leaders from the OIC next year. Indonesia has already offered to help Gambia strengthen its capacity to host the summit.

Jammeh is the chief subject of the financial mismanagement probe of his administration, which disregarded government regulations, allowing the ex-leader to swindle billions during his 22-year iron fist rule.

Jammeh fled to Equatorial Guinea, and the Commission probing his financial dealings has been told he paid tens of millions to even individuals for personal services from stolen state funds.

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