Gambia: Ex-presidential aide confirms delivery of 32 untraceable vehicles

Gambia: Ex-presidential aide confirms delivery of 32 untraceable vehicles

At least 32 vehicles that have been supposedly bought by Jammeh’s government and untraceable were indeed delivered to the ex-ruler, his former aide said.

Former Secretary General and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Momodou Sabally told the Commission of Inquiry looking into Jammeh’s assets that the vehicles were used for the OIC Tourism Ministers Conference in Banjul.

The vehicles, which were imported from Belgium were later donated to Syrian doctors, some ministries, and other government departments after the conference in December 2013.

The Commission had pressured the Executive Director of Global Trading Grop, Fadi George Mazagi to show a proof of the delivery of the vehicles, which were purchased for $600,000 (D24 million dalasis).

Magazi said the vehicles were delivered but he neither cleared them from the Gambia Ports Authority nor received any formal documentation of from Jammeh’s office.

Neither Mr. Jammeh nor his aides, he said, acknowledge receipt of the vehicles, an issue that became the subject of a back and forth between Mazagi and Commissioner Saine.

He, however, maintained they were delivered, as confirmed by Mr. Sabally. Magazi has been pressured by the Commission to reach out to the Ports Authority to show that the vehicles were cleared and delivered.

Jammeh was an imperative leader with no regard for protocol or government regulations. He deals were often carried out in cash and excessive withdrawals were made from government accounts without question.

Sabally said Jammeh had been advised and kept updated on the economic situation of the country but that the final decision on whether to make purchases was left to ousted leader.

Jammeh’s former aides have also insisted that it has always been like that with, noting they were very careful and use tact in addressing him.

Jammeh ruled with absolute power without any regard to protocol or government policies and regulations. He administered the nation with directives and presidential decrees.

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