Gambia’s ex-envoy to Qatar not cognizant of $4M grant

Gambia’s ex-envoy to Qatar not cognizant of $4M grant

The Gambia’s former chief representative to the Gulf nation of Qatar, Ansumana Jammeh said he was not informed that the oil rich nation had given a $4 million (D184 million dalasis) grant to the small West African state.

Ansumana claims he does not know how much money went from Qatar’s government to the Gambia because all transfers and payments were made directly to the Central Bank.

Ansumana Jammeh had been the country’s Ambassador to Qatar for six years before being recalled by his brother, President Yahya Jammeh in 2014.

Ansumana said while being an ambassador, he was not quite aware of many of the working of the embassy, prompting the Commission of Inquiry Counsel Amie Bensouda to prompt what he was doing at the Mission.

Ex-President Yahya Jammeh is the focus of a financial investigation by Gambian authorities, who have accused him of swindling millions from government coffers.

Ansumana has faced the Commission of Inquiry twice and so far has claimed to be ignorant about monies that have passed through his embassy, and his brother’s financial transactions and business dealings.

President Jammeh did accuse Ansumana of corruption, had him tried and jailed for taking at least $1.5 million ($48 million dalasis) to help a Qatari company secure a contract in The Gambia.

Qatari businesses and investors have been eyeing The Gambia and had had several businesses in the country with links to the ex-President. Nevertheless, Ansumana is, by all means, distancing himself from their activities.

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