Kanilai Family Farms owes Port of Banjul millions

Kanilai Family Farms owes Port of Banjul millions

The Agro-business corporation owned by ex-President Yahya Jammeh has been using the Gambia Ports Authority for its imports and exports without making payments.

The Kanilai Family Farms now owes the Ports Authority at least $275,000 (D11 million dalasis) in service and clearance fees, according to the Barrow administration officials.

Former and current directors of the Port of Banjul told a Commission querying Jammeh’s mismanagement of state funds and resources that they could not question Jammeh’s orders or take legal action against his companies to pay their dues to the port.

The self-serving autocrat also had his hands deep into the bank accounts of the Port of Banjul, giving orders for withdrawals of millions and forcing them to build an entertainment arena.

According to officials, there are other companies associated with Jammeh and his business associates that owe the Port of Banjul millions but failed to pay.

The ex-leader fired at his will and directors of state enterprises that flaunt his orders risk being jailed or losing their jobs. Several have been jailed on flimsy charges after they fell out of favor with Jammeh.

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