Yahya Jammeh squeezed CFA222M from Port of Banjul

Yahya Jammeh squeezed CFA222M from Port of Banjul

Gambia’s ex-President Yahya Jammeh took at least CFA222 million franc (D1.86 million dalasis) from the accounts of the Gambia Ports Authority, the Commission investigating him has found.

The ex-leader, accused of corruption pressured directors at the Port of Banjul to scramble of tens of millions of CFA from its different ferry crossing points across the country to meet his demands.

According to Gambia Ports Authority ex-Director, Modou Lamin Gibba, officials have to ransack and empty the saves in every ferry crossing point to allocate millions to Mr. Jammeh.

Gambian authorities allow Senegalese citizens and commercial vehicles to pay in CFA franc to cross the River Gambia to quickly reach northern Senegal from its Casamance region.

Jammeh had told Port of Banjul officials that the money would be repaid but he has widely ignored his promises and refused to pay, leaving the port scrambling for funds.

Former and current Managing Directors of the Port of Banjul say Jammeh’s directives could not be questioned. Although they knew that they were inappropriate, the man was an absolute ruler with his set of his own rules.

Jammeh had forced the directors at the Port to use their funds to build an entertainment arena in his native home and fund other projects without following government financial regulations.

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