Fifty-two years of mediocrity: Lessons learned but will be repeated

Fifty-two years of mediocrity: Lessons learned but will be repeated

I am the last one to wish ill on Gambians and if I had my way, we would be thriving with jobs, investments and bright futures but something in me tell me that we are a slave to our own detriment.

We are lackadaisical in everything and quick to subdue our will to higher authorities that gained their authority from us. We worship money makers and materials. We are like runaway slaves with iPhones with no carrier looking for directions in the woods.

In any advanced country, they would have been demanding anyone with signatures authorizing an illegal transaction or activities on this commission to resign.

Look at Iceland(of all people), after 48 hours of learning that their prime minister was named on the Panama Papers, he was forced to resign. Ukrainian politicians called for the impeachment of their president and British Jeremy Corbyn argued to impose direct rule over dependencies of those accused of being tax havens.

This is what serious countries do and mind you, these are just newspaper reports.

Foroyaa and most members of the diaspora have been alerting Gambians for years and each time the response is “da gen eyan,” meaning “you folks are jealous.”

I don’t know what’s in the brains of an average Gambian? Yes, I will ask it because I’m not seeking office and I don’t appease Gambians. We like people who massage our egos or tell us linear lies. I’m glad Gambians are paying attention.

Next time when a newspaper writes something, you won’t dismiss it as “am jot”, or a journalist goes asking questions on your behalf, instead of supporting him or her, you won’t chide him or her for being inquisitive.

How naive or broken in spirit does one have to be to accept from a head of state that his resources are from a Supreme Being?

What made the individual so special to have that special connection out of 6 billion people? Does this Supreme Being discharge “cash” in a physical form or its sent through a spiritual form?

The absurdity in some of us is appalling or should I call it plausible deniability. We knew Yahya Jammeh was lying and as long as he gave some of us a “cut”, we were satisfied.

Now those same people have morphed into our families since Gambia is a small nation through marriages, friendships and neighbors, forcing us to make hard choices in “forgiving” them.

Till when?

Dawda Jawara’s government was the same way in corruption, now Jammeh is the worst and we are about to double down with Adama Barrow.

It’s not the presidents who are the problem, it’s the Gambian people. Right now, if I were to call a name, a relative, friend or beneficiary will jump up and exhale like a frog and be ready to hold his or her oxygen in protest to protect his loved one.

As we speak, some have drunken the peach gray Adama Barrow Kool-Aid that he can’t do any wrong. They will neither ask if his office has been audited nor why he is retaining the same folks that robbed us blind or hobnob with the “elites.”

But will hypocritically tell us to move on. The ghost of Deyda Hydara is haunting our hypocritical nation. We are a nation of hypocrites so far so good.

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