GPA confirms spending D7M to build Kanilai Cultural Arena

GPA confirms spending D7M to build Kanilai Cultural Arena

Officials at the Gambia Ports Authority confirmed Thursday that they spent no less than D7 million dalasis building an entertainment center in ex-President Jammeh’s native village.

Jammeh had ordered the Gambia Ports Authority to foot the bill for construction of the Kanilai Cultural Arena, instructions which were immediately executed.

The Ports Authority was forced to also maintain the arena, paying for its plumbing, maintenance, and utilities, including water and electricity.

“We had no choice. We were forced to do this. No one would have come to aid and there no institution to report this to. Jammeh had total control of the entire government because there was no checks and balances,” the officials said.

Ports officials say they couldn’t flaunt Jammeh’s orders. He was an absolute ruler and those that questioned his orders jailed and if lucky, fired from the civil service.

Jammeh often hosts parties in Kanilai and have entertainment shows hosted at the arena. Kanilai is always filled with his supporters, who camp in the village for weeks.

The D7 million is just one of the many extravagant spendings of Jammeh, who purchased tents for D88 million and D5 million on a special royal red carpet.

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