Jammeh paid D5.16M for royal red carpets

Jammeh paid D5.16M for royal red carpets

Former President Yahya Jammeh transferred $120,000 (D5.16 million dalasis) of taxpayers’ money to buy a royal red carpet specially ordered from the North African nation of Morrocco.

Jammeh, 52, is the subject of an investigation by Gambian authorities, who are taken aback by the extent of Jammeh’s flamboyant and unnecessary spendings.

The former Head of State ordered the Central Bank to pay for the multi-million dalasis red carpet whiles hospitals and schools went underfunded, and civil servant salaries delayed.

Jammeh was using his aides to pass on instructions to officials of the Central Bank to make withdrawals, tens of millions in one transaction. The orders were never questioned.

Jammeh lived a flamboyant lifestyle and used taxpayers’ monies to feed his expensive taste a luxury. Jammeh bypassed all financial regulations to snatch from the Central Bank.

The Central Bank said it gave Jammeh most of the monies as loans to the government, which were mostly never paid. The Central Bank could issue loans to the government under extreme circumstances.

Such need for intervention comes from the Finance Minister but commissioners at the Janneh Commission found that Jammeh gave instructions himself and the Central Bank Governor writes a memo.

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