Mama Kandeh leads effort to clean ‘neglected’ Banjul

Mama Kandeh leads effort to clean ‘neglected’ Banjul

An opposition politician, Mama Kandeh has led efforts to clean the Gambia’s messy capital, Banjul barely two weeks after joining inhabitants to beautify King Fahad Mosque.

Kandeh joined his party supporters and Banjulians to clean Banjul the city, which has been falling apart. The Banjul City Council is said to have failed in its responsibilities.

Roads in the city are riddled with potholes and gutters are clogged. After the rains, stagnant water appears everywhere and uncollected garbage pollutes the environment.

“We are here to clean the city. This is our capital and it should not be left like this. If Banjulians are coming out to clean the capital city, it is only right that we join them in this effort,” Mr. Kandeh said.

Kandeh, 52, was seen collecting trash and using a shovel to remove dirt from the gutters in parts of the city. The move is being seen as symbolic of the opposition leader’s promise to be actively engaged in community service.

Banjul’s Mayor Abdoulie Bah is up for re-election next year and already facing at least four candidates, three of whom currently live outside The Gambia.

Bah is hopeful he will get a new mandate, but doubts are becoming rife amid growing opposition to his mayorship and administration of the city.

Last week, Kandeh donated to victims of the Kuntaur flood in central Gambia giving bags of rice, cement and financial aid to victims and school children.

The opposition leader became a social media sensation receiving praise for quickly responding to calls to provide relief for the victims of the flooding, which has destroyed nearly every home in Kuntaur.

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