GDC is a representation of the past

When a crime spree spanning 22 years was being unleashed in our country by Yahya Jammeh and on his behalf, entire citizenry became victims.

The premeditated murders, senseless tortures, forced disappearances and the coordinated industrial-scale economic pillage affected all of us as a people but more so those who directly suffered from the torment.

This is the abiding legacy of the Jammeh administration that cannot be spinned in any other way!

Since these crimes have no statute of limitation, we cannot write them off – not when millions of Dalasis are unaccounted for and victims yet to receive justice. The passage of time or the missteps of this Coalition government cannot supplant the atrocities committed under Jammeh.

Unfortunately, the opposition GDC, previously ridiculed and dismissed for its policy of appeasement toward Jammeh, is enjoying sympathy from some respected individuals, driven primarily by their disenchantment of the current government.

The narrative that the Jammeh era is history and should not be cited in our current political debates is preposterous, insensitive and misleading.

There will not be much meaningful progress unless we understand the criminal, economic and political machinery operated, supported and entrenched in our country for 22 years with the objective of dismantling the chain and learning valuable lessons while ensuring that such a system is never encouraged in The Gambia again.

Thus, Gambians should be reminded that every gain that is registered during and after the ouster of dictator Jammeh will suffer a humiliating and painful reversal under GDC administration on account of the party policy.

It is only through GDC domination that Yahya Jammeh will have any chance ever to return to Gambia a free man with all his rights guaranteed as a former head of state. This is one of GDC’s cardinal approach in the guise of national reconciliation.

Deliberate spilling of Gambians’ blood did not merit condemnation from GDC but the party finds it worthy to recycle the unfortunate and regrettable shooting death of Haruna Jatta (may his soul rest in eternal peace).

Millions of public funds criminally siphoned and wasted under Jammeh have no effect on the conscience of this political party yet its supporters waste no time in continuously and facetiously accusing the coalition government of misappropriating donor funds.

GDC has shown no interest in seeking justice for victims of Jammeh’s reign of terror neither does the party care about holding to account all those involved in the systemic destruction of our country’s economy.

The question is: why is GDC showing open sympathy for a system that had presided over the worst governance, democratic, economic and human rights failures in our country since independence?

How much of a loss would have been enough for GDC to make a firm political stand against Jammeh and his gang of criminals?

Morality demands that, in a thriving democracy, opposition becomes the strongest voice and advocates for the victims of executive overreach. Sadly, GDC fails far short of this minimum threshold.

While GDC takes advantage of Gambians’ inherent pursuit of instant gratification through expanding cash politics, I will continue to show concern over the potential ramification of GDC administration in our democratic process.

Any political party that has soft spot for or supports appeasement for murderers, fraudsters and other criminals at the expense of justice and accountability is a direct threat to good governance, peace, and stability of any country.

This is a fact that cannot be relegated by sponsoring boreholes, organizing sewage cleaning or donating food items to flood victims.

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