Saku Malo – The Gambian Panacea

Saku Malo – The Gambian Panacea

Funny how a saku malo is the remedy for every problem in The Gambia. Could it be that it’s because they used to sing “mano tey banna jang…alli ngar DK sabari” back in the PPP days?

This is probably why saku malo is engrained in the Gambian psyche? Just give a Gambian saku malo and you are a hero and God sent. Saku malo daal moko yorr!

When the floods strike and wash away homes, saku malo is the remedy. When the gaindehs ak bukis eat all the livestock, saku malo is the remedy. When there is a drought and crops fail to germinate, saku malo is the remedy.

When Jawara wanted votes, he gave them saku malo. When Goloh wanted votes and to comfort Gambians after killing their neighbor, he gave them saku malo. Mama Kandeh burst onto the political scene with aye saku malo.

When the jai katti ties come down for a semester, they too take aye saku malo si jaka ak juma yee.

But what about addressing the issues that have created the permanent dependence on saku malo? And what is the life span of a saku malo again?

I guess that depends on the number of people in a compound and haran kats. A week or two maybe? So at the end of the day, you can always buy loyalty, votes, prayers, and respect and admiration; all with saku malo. Saku malo is indeed the Gambian Panacea!

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