Gambia’s Barrow appoints new National Security Advisor

Gambia’s Barrow appoints new National Security Advisor

President Adama Barrow has chosen a retired military Colonel, Momodou Badjie as his National Security Advisor, who had served most of his post-military career as a diplomat.

Badjie’s new post was revealed at Barrow’s rolling out of a new security reform program at the State House [Gambia’s equivalent of the White House] replacing Lt. Gen. Masanneh Kinteh, who is now the army’s defense chief.

Badjie served as the Governor of the country’s Central River Region following the coup that brought the ex-despotic ruler, Yahya Jammeh to power.

Both Rtd. Col. Badjie and Gen. Kinteh were diplomats until Jammeh’s last year’s shocking defeat in the presidential polls that was seen as a win for democracy across Africa.

Badjie served as the West African nation’s chief envoy to Mauritania for about a decade and later to the transcontinental nation of Turkey.

The new National Security Advisor is described as a man of tremendous talent and experience. The choice continued Mr. Barrow’s reliance on high-ranking military officers to advise him on national security.

Several presidential aides said that they learned about Rtd. Col. Badjie’s selection the same way the public did. Barrow last month inaugurated a National Security Council but had no advisor at the time.


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