Jammeh took €2M from Central Bank after business hours

Jammeh took €2M from Central Bank after business hours

Former President Yahya Jammeh withdrew more than €2 million euros ($100 million dalasis) out of the Central Bank after working hours, the bank’s Principal Banking Officer, Karamo Jawara said.

Jammeh’s men, mostly soldiers were going to the bank after workers leave to take money from officials with instructions from the ex-leader.

Most of the money was withdrawn cash from a so-called State Aircraft Special Account, from which Jammeh also transferred funds to his associates in Belgium to buy a new plane.

The Central Bank can only trace payment vouchers and no other transaction documents could be found for the withdrawals. An additional $400,000 withdrawal could not also be traced.

Jammeh left less than €1702 in the State Aircraft Special Account after transferring more than a million euros to his business partner’s company, Global Trading Group.

Jammeh deeped his hands into the other funds to maintain and operate at least four aircrafts, which will be auctioned by Gambian authorities to recover some of the stolen wealth.

The government did not say when it will open the bidding for the planes but it is expected to gross at least $11 million from the sales, close to the alleged $12 million Jammeh snatched from the Central Bank before fleeing.

Jammeh had emptied the Carnegie Mineral account at the Central Bank of the Gambia, the last withdrawal being made the morning before he fled the country.

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