Nuha Touray reveals why Jammeh fired Momodou Sabally

Nuha Touray reveals why Jammeh fired Momodou Sabally

Former President Yahya Jammeh dismissed his Chief of Staff Momodou Sabally for advising the ex-totalitarian leader not to award a construction contract at the Port of Banjul.

Sabally told Mr. Jammeh he was not comfortable and does not trust the contractors, prompting Jammeh, who had made a decision to give the contract out to fire him.

The reason for Mr. Sabally’s sacking was made known by Nuha Touray, Jammeh’s former Cabinet Secretary, who was at the meeting between Jammeh and his aides, where Sabally advised Mr. Jammeh.

The contract was meant for the construction of vessel sleep ways in Banjul, Barra, Bambatenda, Yellitenda and other ferry crossing points.

Touray did not say, which company Jammeh had planned to award the contract to but the former self-serving ruler disregarded state procurement guidelines, giving deals to his business associates.

Sabally had told a Commission probing Jammeh’s illicit financial transactions that they had to be mindful flaunting the former ruler’s orders and use “subtle nudges” in dealing with him.

Touray and Jammeh’s aides that have testified before the Commission all insisted that being dismissed is least of punishments for flaunting Jammeh’s orders.

Those dismissed by Jammeh, including Touray and Sabally, end up being arrested and prosecuted for corruption, economic crime, abuse of office and false information charges. The two former aides have spent months in jail.

Charges against Sabally and Touray were dropped by Gambian authorities after Jammeh’s election defeat and abrupt exile to Equatorial Guinea, where he is given a safe haven by President Theodore Obiang.

A former presidential aide, Mambury Njie, and Ousman Jammeh have all been sacked and jailed for advising Jammeh against acting upon some decisions he made.

Jammeh was an absolute ruler and those that worked with him said he was paranoid and had to take extra precautions not to advise him at the wrong time. He has used executive directives to mismanage billions during his rule.

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