UDP: The old horse that survived on GoFundMe has become a donor thanks to Mama Kandeh action-oriented politics

UDP: The old horse that survived on GoFundMe has become a donor thanks to Mama Kandeh action-oriented politics

If there is any politician that has endured undue criticism and hatred from certain quarters of Gambians, it’s the right Honorable Mama Kandeh.

Interestingly, if there any other person that makes the greatest and biggest contribution to the downfall of Yahya Jammeh, Hon. Kandeh is next to none.

It has been said that you cannot be popular without acquiring enemies. When Kandeh officially launched the GDC after lots of ground work, he claimed to be more popular than Jammeh at the time. Yankuba Colley and host of others refute him and challenge him to go on tour.

Every other Gambian knows what happened next. Kandeh awakens the political appetite and give hope for a political change when most pundits and activist were calling for a boycott of the elections.

Majority of Gambians had given up hope for political change in our country-at least through the ballot box. Kandeh’s manifesto and oratory skills resonated well with the people and give life to already-dead parties.

Meanwhile, even though Kandeh supported the APRC party before, that does not have anything to do with his character as GDC leader.

He was a mere National Assembly Member elected by his people. He had no influence over any decision Jammeh made besides enriching his resume and horning his leadership skills.

I would advise the coalition government supporters to send messages to their inept leaders, who were mainly power hungry people whose primary goal was to fill their pockets to make the declaration of their assets public.

If one’s main goal of going to prison was to be given government position, I doubt the patriotisms of such party leaders. Besides that, whilst they keep condemning Kandeh’s history of associating with APRC, they welcomed the appointment of senior government officials who were helping and abetting Jammeh as the expense of Gambians.

We must understand the tactics of government supporters. They want to play with the psychology of Gambians. Period.

Mama Kandeh was APRC so he is not good, in contrast, Abdoulie Bojang, Ambassador Sedat Jobe, Vice President Fatoumata Tambajang and a host of others were APRC but they are excellent.

You cannot fool any Gambian now. The political maturity of Gambians is increasing each day. They distinguished genuine and trusted politicians from those that want power to fill their accounts, make useless overseas trips, free religious travels and creating positions to reward fellow prison inmates.

Any genuine Gambian should welcome Kandeh’s worthy actions for digging boreholes for villages to have easy access to free and clean water.

The benefits attached to these boreholes are numerous. The same is true for the bridges, football fields, Banjul sanitation initiative, to name a few.

I am very mindful of the biased and jealous nature of man. You always feel uneasy and bitter when your rival or enemy is doing things you never imagined.

Politics in Gambia have passed the level of deceit. Actions speak louder than words. So Mama is doing just that. He could have used the money for personal benefit like other politicians.

In the history of our nation, I have never seen a politician undertaking what Kandeh and his GDC are doing. For over 22 years of struggle and counting, the UDP “nenemang kolongo siing njang” [never dug a well here] says an old man.

Recently, I welcome their gesture of whopping money to the youths of Banjul. The old horse that survived on GoFundMe has become a donor thanks to Mama Kandeh action-oriented politics.

GDC is showing others how to do politics and participate in national development. The Kuntaur disaster was another test of leadership in our country. Mama Kandeh was again the first politician to arrive there shortly after learning of the unfortunate incident.

The people of Kuntaur were left devastated and hopeless. Thanks to Mama Kandeh’s visit, it gave them hope and brought sympathy the situation deserves.

Our government was left with no option but to disgracefully go there a week after the incident. It happened before Tobaski, and it was not even mentioned in the president’s address to the nation.

Furthermore, those that are liking Kandeh to Jammeh are very unfair to themselves and their conscience as human beings. No fair person would say Kandeh is like Jammeh, especially in cruelty and economic indiscipline.

It’s an insult to the personality of Mama Kandeh. He has the best tone for peace and reconciliation. His GDC party is the most organized party. His supporters are well-mannered with high sense of respect and tolerance in contrast to others like UPD.

If high controversial and separatists UDP figures like Bamba Mass and Suntou Touray are rewarded positions in our coalition government, then it leaves so much to be questioned about Ousainou Darboe’s leadership.

It’s sad that President Adama Barrow has let his “dad” turn the Foreign Ministry to a UDP advancement and recruiting Bureau after it was reported that our civil service is “overstaffed”.

After nine months, we are yet to see a single person convicted for the alleged crimes against the state or a single significant legislation passed.

The people that helped Jammeh loot our country are wining and dining with our nation’s new group of elites. Some of Jammeh’s properties are seized and given to undeserving people.

Just under a year, a protester was brutally killed. A binder full of Jammeh era daily routines is happening in this so-called new Gambia.

Besides Kandeh only promised pardoning Jammeh before the last elections. Recently, Halifa Sallah and OJ Jallow have all expressed sympathy for Jammeh.

I understand Kandeh is the greatest threat to the UDP party but we must be objective in our opinions. There are many things that are not working in our new Gambia as expected.

I believe at this point, the current government needs advice more than the ordinary Gambian voter. Since our coalition agenda is already gathering dust, let’s get to work and wait for 2021.

Let the poor people enjoy the “generosity” of New Gambian politics. It is more valuable than making unfounded allegations against Mama Kandeh.

Like Mama Kandeh said: When the goat is confused and has no other option, it will resort to biting. Moreover he added if you jump and land on fire, you still have to jump.

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